Continue...™ is the only multi-function system for risk assessment and contingency planning which can also be used for day-to-day service support activities. Whereas other single purpose systems will only give a return on investment if there is a disaster, Continue...™ delivers benefits on an on-going basis. At the same time, the updating of a record for service support automatically cascades through and updates all key references for business continuity.

Continue...™ is designed for use by consultants as a structured set of tools for conducting business oriented Risk Assessment / Contingency Planning (RA/CP) assignments. It aids in the productivity of consultants and provides professional documentation for each stage of an assignment. The system has been extended for use by client organisations to maintain their own base of contingency planning and resource management information.

Continue...™ is easy to use while also supporting the demanding activities of experienced business continuity planners. It is flexible and allows for organisations that already have a contingency plan to obtain added value by using the advanced features. The output is adaptable and can be slotted into an existing plan outline (or used as a plan in its own right). Elements can also be used to provide a statement of requirement for use in disaster recovery service selection.
Continue...™ Components

Client / Business Information

Logistics Planning

Risk Assessment

Co-Location Requirements

Impact Analysis

Recovery Mode Requirements

Disruption Thresholds

Organisation Planning / Skills Inventory

Facility / System Categories

Information Assets Register

Risk / Impact Profiles

Procedural Interface

Installation Support: The system is personalised (e.g. client logo, terminology, industry template, etc.) for each organisation. It can be installed in either a network environment or on a stand-alone basis. The basic licence fee includes one-day installation and training. Additional training is available as required. Database loading via conversion or data entry is available on a time and materials basis.

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