Advanced Business Continuity (ABC) Planning 

Many organisations do not have the experience and skills in-house to adequately address the assessment and planning process across administrative and information technology based operations. To meet the need to develop and enhance the process within an organisation, BCAS provides a structured Risk Assessment / Contingency Planning (RA/CP) review that complements and builds upon the capability of the organisation concerned. This is part of an Advanced Business Continuity (ABC) Planning methodology.

Deliverables from a RA/CP Review include the following as appropriate:

Business Resiliency Profile - quantify the exposure, priorities, and timescales required for recovery within each Department and Business Area. This involves the use of risk profiling tools and interview techniques.

Information Assets Register - produce an overview of the information assets that need to be covered by any Business Continuity Plan. This links in with the Logistics Requirements above and can include record retention.

Administrative / Logistics Requirements - identify the physical requirements for business continuity and maintaining essential services in the event of any incident resulting in the loss of (or access to) technology (e.g. computers, communications, etc.) and/or administrative facilities.

Disaster Recovery Service Selection - comparative analysis of external services that may be required to supplement an organisation's own facilities (e.g. standby services, auxiliary sites, off-site storage, etc.). This can be linked to assistance in the negotiation for the most cost effective provision of such services.

Disaster Recovery Actions - outline action points and related plans for responding to the loss of infrastructure (e.g. communications, office services, etc.) and information services (e.g. computer based applications).

Disaster Recovery Methodology - provision of PC based tools to facilitate the documentation and execution of Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Scenarios. Applicable to both technology and administrative contingency with or without the involvement of outside services. Application of Continue...: the only multi-function system for risk assessment and contingency planning that can also be used for day-to-day service support activities. 

Assistance with any of the above can be done on an advisory basis if suitable resources are available within the client organisation. Alternatively, all of the work can be completed using BCAS resources.

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