The Business Continuity Advisory Service (BCAS) provides executive level, enterprise wide, independent advice on business continuity planning and disaster recovery.

The independent nature of BCAS enables unbiased recommendations to be given regarding the formulation of business requirements and the selection of the most appropriate solutions.

This is particularly relevant to providing best practice assistance in cost (and quality) effective supplier selection.

The responsibility for on going risk assessment, disaster recovery, contingencies, and business continuity planning rests with the senior executives of an organisation and ultimately the Board of Directors. 

Legislation in some countries also attaches related liability to those responsible.

Any lapse or gap in the Risk Assessment /
Contingency Planning
(RA/CP) process means that the risk and related exposure are unmanaged. In the worst case this can result in irreparable damage to the business and related loss.

BCAS independent consultants identify and bridge any gaps that may exist between business driven continuity requirements and the delivery of essential technology and infrastructure facilities. 

The BCAS approach involves a top down review of individual department or business unit requirements to identify priorities, vulnerability, dependencies, and enterprise wide solutions.

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